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Overcome Your
Borderline Personality

Overcome Your Borderline Personality

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Guiding You Through Personality Integration

Integrate resources will help you, step-by-step, through the process of personality integration. Integrate BPD includes the following:

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Self-Study, LIVE classes, & BPD Healing Community

A program aimed at teaching you how to integrate your personality so that you can become free of borderline personality disorder and symptoms. 

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A 1-1 program to teach, support, and walk you through Reality Integration Therapy™, which helps you integrate the split off segment of your BPD personality.

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What is Integrate BPD?

Integrate BPD is a psycho-educational program designed for individuals with borderline personality disorder or tendencies of it. The program utilizes Reality Integration Therapy™, which is a technique that consists of 3 steps:


Fantasy Dismantling

The individual tests their disordered psychodynamics against a benchmark of reality that is provided to them. In this process, they are shown evidence that their fantasy is not rooted
in reality, which creates a grief response for mourning the life they previously believed was real.


Separation - Individuation

During separation, the individual must not only physically, but psychologically separate themselves from the inner abuser they have merged with. This may leave a void within, leaving room for growth of healthy internal objects and sense of self. Individuation then takes place, which is the building of healthy and realistic internal objects.


Integration & Whole Object Relations

Steps are taken to encourage and support re-connection with society and a more stable life. As the individual now has healthy and realistic internal objects, their interactions with external objects will reflect this change. This is where whole object relations are fully restored and the individual becomes integrated.


Read What Others Are Saying

Read how Integrate BPD has impacted our community of individuals with borderline personality tendencies and/or disorder.

I truly believe in Integrate and I think it is going to CHANGE lives. It's already changing me from the inside out. These are real tangible results and I was wondering if there was a way to invest into Integrate for the future? Also, since Integrate, my s* ideation has decreased by like 75% at least!

Jocelynn M. Customer

I entered this programme with really bad BPD. I was at my worst l've been at in my life. A whole year later, I no longer fit the criteria for BPD. I don't have a single symptom that feels totally out of control. How? Integrate.

Sarah H. Customer

I'll turn 60 two weeks after I finish the program. I'm on module 4 and for the first time in my life I feel like a whole person, a sovereign being. I've always had terrible social anxiety. Even my daughter said I have a much calmer energy.

Diana S. Customer

The way you present the literature on these subjects in an easy to digest and personal matter-of-fact way is really impressive. I'm absolutely grateful for it. It's awesome work.

Chris B. Customer

I wanted to reach out and say thank you! Thank you for providing real information in a space that's inundated with many opinions and misinformation. The way you discuss these sensitive and important topics so eloquently is such a talent.

Aleah P. Customer

I'm considering breaking up with my therapist — I appreciate their support over some rough spots. However, I feel more progress with this program.

Michael C. Customer

This module was so helpful. I look forward to reading back through it to pick up on other concepts that may have slipped through the cracks while I wait for the next one to be released. The malignant victimization and primary narcissism concepts are new for me.

Awa L. Customer

I worked with the only two Marsha Linehan trained DBT therapists in LA for 2 years, and this was never explained. My current therapist (in the BPD field for 35 years) has never explained it this way, and he's a brilliant guy! I think they make it way too complex for one thing. Just break it down into whole object relations and throw the f***ing water of reality in our faces!

Steph G. Customer

I can't believe how much of a difference this program has made in my life. I'm able to move through emotions that used to consume me for days, and let's be real, years of my life. I have endless gratitude for having something so profoundly helpful to someone who's been told their entire life that it'll never get better. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.

Emily S. Customer

I want to thank you for putting together this program and organizing it in the way you have. Guidance like what you're providing is what l've been searching for, for what feels like over 15 years.

Nikki M. Customer

The information and explanations of this cannot be competed. Light bulbs start going off and everything starts making sense. I have been through multiple therapy sessions and I just want to say this knowledge is second to none.

Tammy A. Customer

I'm not even halfway through the acknowledgment part of the self forgiveness & ownership work and wow, connecting so many dots already. I can see where my guilt comes from, even s* ideation. Although I always knew I had been through these things, l've never sat and wrote it all out chronologically to see for myself. Really puts things in perspective.

Cherry B. Customer

Can I just say... wow. I don't know how to even express how much insight I'm getting. l've been in therapy for years and doing many different modalities and I have never read or heard about most of this. This is giving me so much hope and l'm starting to see and understand things that were SO perplexing. Thank you. Thank you for all of this.

Shanna B. Customer

I'm crying tears of joy right now — I feel like everyday I make a step towards being in my real reality and fully being myself. Thank you Ms. Zahabian for this program — you have no idea the kind of light work you're doing for this world that sits in darkness. Thank you for showing us the light.

Maria L. Customer

The dysfunctional thoughts and feelings that used to drive me from somewhere deep inside me that were completely outside my control, confusing me constantly... They are mostly quiet now. I was in that child-stuck lens for 50 years. I am starting to believe it is now actually entirely up to me. That has got to be some serious integration, yes?

Sue S. Customer

How on earth can I ever re pay you for this. Like I’m actually crying thinking about it. I can’t believe I’ve changed this much. Like you can’t put a price on this feeling of being healthy. It’s everything. I want to thank you but the words just aren’t enough.

Natasha N. Customer

Im gonna have to keep coming on here to thank you. Im in middle of module 5 and the way you put this together is incredible I can't believe how much I'm relating and slowly feeling myself more present and more whole. l've told myself healing doesn't work for me for years -it's so surreal to feel the changes. Thank you so so much!

JJ M. Customer

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